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A district council is a public service institution all of which share many common features in terms of their management, operational protocols and processes (the machinery of public service institutions).

Having worked for 30 years in public service research institutions, I believe that I have developed a skill set that is perfectly matched to the requirements of a district council, especially one that has to operate in the era where we will face many existential threats such as for instance from human-induced climate change.

Skills and knowledge:

 Writing proposals for discovery science research project funding from public funding institutions.

An ability to acquire knowledge and undertake robust analysis of technical and non-technical information (scholarship).

Development of business and research plans.

Research infrastructure development.

Financial management of research projects. Preparation of business cases, plans and budgets.

Preparation of government tenders and analysis of submissions (too numerous to mention).

Leading and supervision of research teams comprising science professionals.

Human capital development and people management, mentoring of staff, career development of staff ....

Organization of meetings and workshops.

Well-honed communication skills. I have delivered many oral presentations of research findings at national & international conferences and workshops and published more than 100 papers in top quality science journals.

Having completed my first term as a local member I now know specifically how the council machine works.

Much of what councils do has to do with the development of infrastructure and provision of services, including in the areas of water and waste management. I have had considerable specific technical experience in these areas having worked in the research & development of technology for water purification and radioactive waste management over several decades.

I am convinced that I tick all the boxes!.


For more details see my CV.


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